For his great services in founding and managing the Science Media Center Germany (SMC)

Volker Stollorz is one of the most experienced and recognized medical journalists in Germany. It is largely thanks to his commitment that an initiative of the Science Press Conference (WPK), the establishment of the Science Media Center Germany (SMC), could actually be implemented in 2015. The establishment and management of the SMC was in the hands of Volker Stollorz from the very beginning. Within just a few years, he has succeeded in giving the organization, which is new in this country, a distinctive portfolio of offerings. Initially, many journalists were critical of the SMC’s independence due to its third-party funding. In the meantime, however, the SMC’s offering enjoys unqualified recognition. This success is largely due to Volker Stollorz, who is uncompromisingly committed to independent science journalism and who has therefore been able to establish the SMC as a trustworthy partner of quality journalism.

At the latest with the Corona pandemic, political, economic or cultural journalists also became aware of the great value of the SMC. In an environment of great uncertainty, constantly changing news situations and surrounded by many disinformation actors, the SMC provides reliable orientation knowledge. Around 1300 accredited journalists now use the SMC’s services. And these are not just science journalists. The Science Media Center makes important contributions in the fight against fake news and for science-based journalism. The fact that the still young organization has been able to achieve such an important and recognized position is closely linked to the commitment, professionalism and integrity of Volker Stollorz.