The Foundation


The following excerpts form the Statutes explain the Foundation´s goals an the process of selecting Eduard Rhein Award winners.

§2 Note 2

In particular, the Foundation its support by granting monetary awards

a) for outstanding achievements in research an/or development in the areas of radio, television an information technology,

b) for outstanding artistic and/or journalistic achievement in radio un television broadcast which can be received in Germany or in the form of publication.

§ 2 Note 3

Awards as defined in §2 Note 2b are not to exceed 25 % of the total amount granted in accordance with §2 Note 2b in the year concerned.

§ 2 Note 4

The Foundation awards the Eduard Rhein Ring of Honor for outstanding work which has been accomplished over a long period of years in an area related to the promotion of scientific research and of the arts, and culture at home and/or abroad.

The number of living bearers of these rings is limited to ten.

Only the Executive Board decides by a simple majority who is nominated and who will receive the Ring of Honor.

§ 2 Absatz 5

The awards may only be granted to individual persons.

§ 2 Note 7

The Foundation may bestow monetary grants or donations in kind upon other non-profit corporate bodies or upon public corporations for the promotion of scientific aims an of learning and education, especially in the areas of radio, television, and information technology.

For the promotion of said aims the Foundation may also make use of the services of corporations, provided that the activity of such corporations can be equivalent to that of the Foundation itself.

The forms of support designated in this note (7) are not to exceed the amount of 15,000 EURO- adjusted to the real value of the sum in 1994 – in any individual case, an they may only be granted on the basis of unanimous decisions made by Executive Board.

§ 9 and § 10, Notes 1 to 4 and 7

A Board of Curators or an Evaluation Committee, respectively, will review achievements falling under the definitions of $” Notes 2a and 2b and will suggest to the Executive Board those candidates whose work they feel is deserving of the award.

Both the Board of Curators an the Evaluation Committee are to be composed of at least three members, all experts in the field of work they are to review.

The Executive Board appoints curators an committee member, following a hearing of the acting Board of Curators an Evaluation Committee.

Individual members of the Board of Curators and the Evaluation Committee are appointed for two full business years. Appointments may be renewed.

The Board of Curators and Evaluation Committee adopt their resolutions by simple majority. These resolutions must submitted to the Executive Board in writing

§ 14

The Foundation is subject to government control, in accordance with the legal regulations in effect for foundations. The supervisory is the Senatorial Administration Office of the Senate of Free and Hanseatic City Hamburg.