The Foundation


Recognized experts in the Foundation’s field of work are invited to nominate individuals or groups of up to three persons. Self-nominations are excluded. All nominations as well as the contents of the submitted works will be treated confidentially by the Foundation. Nominations – in German or English – are to be submitted in electronic form to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Criteria for the selection:

  • Outstanding research and/or development achievements, which are fundamental for a field of information technology and have a high impact;
  • Highly innovative, successful in the market or at least with clearly foreseeable market success;
  • Product or at least prototype available;
  • International submissions are welcome.

The following information is required:

  • Name and address of the nominated person, professional activity, career;
  • Name and address of the proposer, professional activity;
  • Title of the proposed paper;
  • Short description (about 40 lines) of the work and the technical environment;
  • Short justification (approx. 40 lines) why the work deserves the award. For support, publications, patents, laboratory reports can be enclosed.

Nominations must be received by the foundation board by July 31st in order to be considered for the following year. The Board of Trustees may, after its own research, consider further candidates worthy of support. Legal action is excluded.