Prof. Dr. Ching W. Tang

Curriculum Vitae of Ching W. Tang

1947 Born in Hong Kong.
1970 BS (1st Class Honors), University of British Columbia.
1975 PhD (Advisor A.C. Albrecht), Cornell University.
1975-2006 Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY.
2006- Doris Johns Cherry Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Chemistry, and Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester.


2011 Wolf Prize in Chemistry, Wolf Foundation, Israel.
2011 Lifetime Achievement Award, University of Rochester.
2010 Honorary Doctorate, Shanghai University, China.
2007 Daniel E. Noble Award, IEEE.
2005 Humboldt Research Award, Humboldt Foundation, Germany.
2003 Award for Team Innovation, American Chemical Society.
2002 Inventor of the Year Award, Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association.
2001 Jan Rajchman Prize, Society for Information Display.
2001 Carothers Award, American Chemical Society, Delaware Section.
2001 Northeast Regional Industrial Innovation Award, American Chemical Society.
2000 Eastman Innovation Award, Eastman Kodak Company.
1994 Distinguished Inventor, Eastman Kodak Company.


2006 Member of the National Academy of Engineering, USA.
2002 Fellow of the Society for Information Display.
1998 Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Patents and Publications

About 80 US patents and 100 journal papers primarily on organic electronics, including the following highly cited papers:

1986 ”Two-layer Organic Photovoltaic Cel” by C.W. Tang, Appl. Phys. Lett. 48, 183.
1987 ”Organic Electroluminescent Diodes” by C.W. Tang and S.A. Van Slyke, Appl. Phys. Lett. 51, 913.
1989 ”Electroluminescence of Doped Organic Thin Films” by C.W. Tang, S.A.Van Slyke, and C.H. Chen, J. Appl. Phys. 65, 3610.