The Foundation


Nominations for the awards may be submitted by individuals, academic institutions or commercial enterprises. Those placing nominations should be recognized experts in the field of work for which the award is to be granted. Individuals do not, as a rule, nominate themselves. All information submitted to the Foundation as part of a nomination will be treated confidentially.

Nominations, preferably written in German (nominations in English are accepted), should be directed to the Executive Board. Ten copies of the supporting documents must be submitted, each of which must include the following information:

  • name and address of nominee
    professional position
    résumé (curriculum vitae)
  • name and address of the person filing the nomination
    professional position
  • designation of the achievement for which the award is being suggested
  • a short description (about 40 lines) of the broader technical field to which the work of the nominee belongs
  • a short description (about 40 lines) of the achievement itself, including further publication, patents, and laboratory reports which substantiate the award-winning quality of the work for which the nomination has been submitted. These additional documents may in English or German.
  • for the Technology Award: a statement that a functioning prototype of the award-winning device can be demonstrated in action during the award presentation ceremony.

The Curators themselves may also nominate candidates whose work has come to their attention and seems worthy of an award. The Executive Board must receive the nomination documents by November 30th if they are to be considered for the subsequent year´s award. Nominations arriving after November 30th will be considered for the awards granted one year later; incomplete supporting documentation will be returned to the sender.

The awards are conferred during a ceremony which normally takes place in October of the calendar year in which they are granted. The ceremony is usually held in the Hall of Fame of the German Museum (Deutsches Museum) in Munich, but the Executive Board may determine that it will be held elsewhere in Germany.

Curator and Evaluation Committee are not subject to instructions from the Executive Board, but documents sent directly to the Curators or Evaluation Committee are returned to the sender. After consideration of the suggestions of the Curatos or Evaluation Committee, the Executive Board of the Eduard Rhein Foundation makes the ultimate selection, designating the award winners. These decisions are final

After the definitive choice has been made, the Executive Board informs the award winners of the decisions. The winners designate must then declare whether they will accept the awards. They have no obligations to the Foundation concerning the use of the funds they receive, but if they accept the awards, the Foundation has the right to publish their names, the nature of their award-winning achievements and professional biographical information.