Am Tag vor der Preisverleihung, dem 7. Juni 2024, ab 16 Uhr stellen die Technologiepreisträger im Rahmen eines Kolloquiums ihre Erfindungen vor.

Ort: Theresianum (Room 0606), Arcisstr. 21, TUM Main Campus, Lageplan

Cryptography in a Quantum World

Prof. Gilles Brassard, Université de Montréal: Is the fact that we live in a quantum world a curse or a blessing for cryptography?

Gilles Brassard will discuss how quantum theory opens up new vistas both for codebreakers and codemakers, with an emphasis on the latter.

Charles Bennett, Research Staff and IBM Fellow, IBM Research Division: Recent theoretical and practical developments of quantum cryptography.

Charles H. Bennett will discuss recent developments such as device-independent and measurement-device independent quantum cryptography, and how quantum theory illuminates the notion of privacy.