Award Winners (chronological)

Nobutoshi Kihara
Yuma Shiraishi
Johannes H. Wessels
Compact magnetic video recording
Basic development of VHS system
Contributions to magnetic video recording

Prof. Dr. B. Wendland
Dr. G. Broussard,
Dr. K. Compaan,
Dr. Jon K. Clemens,
Prof. Dr. G. Dickopp,
Eugene O. Keizer,
Prof. Piet Kramer 
Alternative TV systems
Horst Redlich  Development of video disc system

Günter Joschko,
Werner Scholz 
Mini disc 
Minoru Morio,
Shigeyuki Ochi 
Katsuo Mori,
Dr. Masahuru Kubo 
MAG camera 
Lodewijk F. Ottens,
Dr. Toshitada Doi 
Compact Disc (CD) 
Dr. Dalton D. Pritchard  Dynamic Processing System 

Max Aigner,
Siegfried Dinsel,
Herbert Hopf, Rudolf Kaiser 
Stereo sound TV in Germany
Hans-Jürgen Kluth  VCR stereo sound recording
Hiroki Sato  First flat TV display ready for production 


Technology Award
Ljubumir Micic  DIGIVISION, digital TV signal processing 
Etsuro Saito  MAVICA - electronic still picture camera
Horst Redlich  Direct metal mastering (DMM) for LPs

Cultural Award
Ulrich Kienzle  "Blutiger Sommer -Wiedersehen mit Beirut" 
Marlene Linke  "Das Erlanger Wunschkind" 


Technology Award
Dr. A. Schauer, E. Geffcken,
B. Littwin, Dr. W. Veith,
Dr. K. Weingang, Dr. R. Wengert 
First flat color TV display developed in Germany
Robert Suhrmann, Eckart Pech  Color coding for digital HDTV processor

Cultural Award
Klaus Juhnke,
F. Müller, H. von Barnekow 
"Der Fall K." 
G. Friedel, M. Gregor-Dellin  "Ich bin wie Othello" 
ARD-Team Warschau  TV coverage an commentary on events in Poland
H. Gierberg, W. Trapp  "Der vergessene Krieg" 


Technology Award
Prof. Walter Bruch  Time sequential luminance/crominance coding 
Thomas S. Robson  MAC system for satellite TV 
Takashi Okada,
Masayuki Hongo 
Flicker-free color TV
Shinji Morozumi  Portable TV set with flat LC display 
Dr. Eckard Krüger,
A. Heller, Dr, U. Kraus 
Video Program System (VPS) 
Dr. F. Schröder,
Dr. F. Stollenwerk 
Publication on enhanced TV systems 

Cultural Award
Eberhard Fechner  "Der Prozeß" 
Christoph Maria Fröhder  "Polizeiagenten - Lockspitzel im Zwielicht" 
Peter Hajek  "Helwein" - Filmportrait of a Painter
Roland Schraut,
Joachim Meßner 
"Ewig leben - Portrait einer Hundertjährigen" 
Werner Klett  "Ein fauler Bauer"


Technology Award
K. Beckmann, D. Krahé  Coding method for audio signals 
Wolf-Peter Buchwald  Enhanced pixel resolution for TV color cameras
Stanley C. Fralick,
Andrew Tescher 
Video telephone 
Otto Klank,
Heinz Röbel, Peter Treytl 
Digital sound broadcasting via satellite
Kenzo Agakiri, Kenji Nakano  DAT Multi track PCM cassette recording 
Charles Schepers  DIGICONTROL system for TV sets 

Cultural Award
Georg Stefan Troller  "Stan Rivkin" 
Hans Peter Stadler  "Leiden der Besiegten" 
Volker Arzt  "Fahrplan ins Chaos" 
Hans-Dieter Grabe  "Hiroshima - Nagasaki" 
Ray Müller  "Nacht der Indios"


Technology Award
Robert R. Bathelt  Flat and square picture tube
Richard R. Taylor  Quantel Box, specials effects processing of TV pictures 
Robert Suhrmann  TV converter with CCD memory 
Dr. Yasuro Hori,
Kentaro Hanma 
Color video printer 
Dr. Rudolf Vollmer  Book: "D2-MAC Satellite Technology" 

Cultural Award
Hans-Dieter Grabe  "Warum habe ich meine Tochter getötet?" 
Anke Ritter  "Wo Taxifahrer Tolstoi lesen" 
Irene Disch  "Zacharias - ein Lebensbild" 

Special Award
Joachim Friedrichs  TV news moderation 


Technology Award
Dr. T. Peter Brody  Basic development of TFT liquid crystal display
Dr. D. E. Castleberry,
William W. Piper 
High resolution color crystal display
Dr. Shigeo Mikoshiba,
Shinichi Shinada 
Improved plasma display

Cultural Award
Peter Leippe  "Stille Tage in Sommieres" 
Michael Schmomers,
Peter Kleinert 
"giftig, ätzend, explosiv" 
Ch. Berg, Michael Geyer,
Jürgen Koch 
"Eine Queen wird geliftet" 

Special Award
Hans Abich  for his work in the development of radio and TV in Germany after 1945 

Hononary Award
(P. W. Bögels, G. Bolle,
M. Hareng, R. W. Young) 
HD-MAC standard 


Technology Award
Akira Hirota  Euro S-VHS video system 
Dr. Rainer Lüder,
Dr. Gerhard Weil 
"Featurebox" chipset for TV sets

Cultural Award
Gabriel Heim  "Da ist kein Schall von Siegesrufen" 
Heike Mundzeck  "Chronik einer Wiedergeburt" 
Dr. Rolf Pflücke  "... und abends ins Gefängnis" 

Special Award
Hans Joachim Kulenkampff  TV quizmaster and entertainer 


Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. M. Börner  Fundamental engineering research on optical communications

Technology Award
Isamu Washizuka,
Kozo Yano, Hiroshi Take 
14" liquid crystal flat color display


Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. C. E. Shannon  Fundamental research on information theory

Technology Award
Prof. Dr. B. Strebel
et alii 
Basic developments in optical frequency multiplexing with heterodyne reception

Cultural Award
Bernard Shaw  Outstanding journalism of exemplary character


Technology Award
Scott A. Brownstein,
Stephen S. Stepnes 
Analog/digital image processing network
Abraham Hoogendoorn 
et alii 
Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) system 


Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Alfred Fettweis,
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Hans-Wilhelm Schüssler 
Fundamental research in digital signal processing

Technology Award
Masao Tomioka,
Shuhei Yasuda 
LC-TV projector with ultra high resolution for HDTV 

Cultural Award
Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Bauer,
Gero von Boehm
Outstanding journalistic TV features


Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Andrew J. Viterbi  Concept of decoding convolutional codes ("Viterbi Algorithm")
Dr. Dr.h.c. Gottfried  Basic concept of trelliscoded modulation

Technology Award
Dr. Marcian E. Hoff, Jr.  Invention of the microcomputer


Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr.h.c.mult. Konrad Zuse Development of the first freely programmable binary computers using floating-point operations

Technology Award
Dr. Larry Hornbeck  Digitale Micromirror Device 

Cultural Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Heinz Bethge  Long-standing engagement for academic freedom
Dr. Anthony Michaelis  for academic freedom


Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Richard W.Hamming Fundamental research in error corecting coding 
(Hamming Distance/Hamming Codes)

Technology Award
Jürgen Dethloff
Roland Moreno
Invention and development of chip card technologies 

Honorary Award
Sonja Countess Bernadotte 
af Wisborg
Invention and development of chip card technologies 


Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult Yasuharu Suematsu Semiconductor laser and integrated optics for application in communication sytems 

Technology Award
Thomas Haug 
Heikki Huttunen 
Dr. Dr.h.c Jan Uddenfeldt

Development of the digital cellular telephone system (GSM)

Cultural Award
Dr.h.c.mult. Sir John Maddox Long-standing editorship of the scientific periodical Nature



Ring of Honor
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. mult. Heinz Zemanek for the decades of his commitment to bringing together different cultures throughout the world, especially in connection with his outstanding scientific work in the areas of information technology, cybernetics, and philosophy

Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Jacob Ziv for his pioneering contributions to the field of information and coding theory, particularly for the unique information theory for individual sequences 
which led to the universal lossles Lempel-Ziv datacompression algorithm .

Technology Award
Tim Berners-Lee for the creation and development of what is known today as the "World Wide Web"



Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Vladimir Alexandrowitsch Kotelnikov for the first theoretically exact formulation of the sampling theorem.

Technology Award (divided)
Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione


for conceiving and gaining acceptance for the MPEG standards to jointly encode moving pictures and associated audio signals, especially the digital TV standard MPEG-2, acknowledged worldwide.
Prof. Dr. Fabio Rocca for his invention of motion compensation in the framework of coding concepts for moving pictures and for his fundamental contributions to hybrid coding enhanced by estimation.

Cultural Award
Prof. Dr.h.c Joachim Fest for his broad spectrum of outstanding academic and journalistic publications.



Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Ingrid Daubechies WAVELETS
- The Basis of digital image coding

Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Norman Abramson ALOHANET
- The first radio network for wireless Internet access

Cultural Award
Dipl.-Phys. Ranga Yogeshwar Popular science programs in German Television



Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. David N. Payne Invention of the erbium-doped fibre amplifier (EDFA)

Technology Award
Prof. mult. Dr.-Ing. Dr.h.c. Dr. E.h.
Jose Luis Moreira da Encarnacao
Fundamentals of Graphic Data Processing

Cultural Award
Dr. Gerold Lingnau Informative newspaper reports on technological developments



Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Robert G. Gallager Fundamental contributions to Information Theory and computer networks

Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Niklaus Wirth Development of PASCAL, the first structured programming language

Cultural Award
Armin Maiwald Decades of achievement in presenting technical information for children on television



Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Paul J. K ühn Fundamental contributions to Traffic Theory and pioneering work in the definition of protocols for packet-switched telecommunications networks

Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Paul C. Lauterbur Invention of magnetic resonance imaging

Cultural Award
Prof. Dr. Ernst Peter Fischer German Book: (Title translated into English) "The other Culture - what you should know from the Natural Sciences"



Technology Award
Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Manfred Robert Schroeder Fundamental contributions to room- and psychoacoustics, and the invention of linear predictive coding and codebook exited coding of speech

Cultural Award
Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Dr.phil. Gerhard Vollmer Evolutionary Epistemology - Philisophy in the age of science and technology



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Hisashi Kobayashi
Dr. Francois Dolivo
Dr. Evangelos S. Eleftheriou
Key contributions to the data recording technology of modern hard disk drives

Cultural Award
Andreas Sentker et al. Sustained excellence in reporting about modern developments in natural and medical sciences and technology



Basic Research Award
Prof. Dr. Stephen B. Weinstein OFDM A vision that became reality

Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reimers Development, Standardization, and Technical Implementation of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Technology

Cultural Award
Rolf Becker et al. Popular science contributions of the APOTHEKEN UMSCHAU



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Gerhard M. Sessler Outstanding contributions to the design of electroacoustic transducers and, most notably, the co-inventorship of the foil electret microphone and of the silicon condenser microphone

Cultural Award
Prof. Dr. Paul Dobrinski Publication of scientific and technical works of young scientists in the magazine JUNGE WISSENSCHAFT (YOUNG SCIENCE)



echnology Award
Dr. Siegfried Dais
Prof. Dr. Uwe Kiencke
Invention, international standardisation and propagation of the ''Controller Area Network'' (CAN), which today dominates the world market

Cultural Award
Dr. Norbert Lossau Brilliantly written science and technology related articles in newspapers



Technology Award
Dr. Martin Schadt Electro-optical core technologies for flat panel displays

Cultural Award
Dr. Klaus Rehfeld Outstanding yet comprehensible reports on an impressive variety of topics in the natural sciences



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Jens-Rainer Ohm
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiegand
Contributions to video coding and to the development of the H.264/AVC standard

Cultural Award
Jimmy D. Wales Free and international Encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hilberg Invention of the radio clock

Cultural Award
Raymond S. Tomlinson Invention of the today so-called e-mail



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Bradford Parkinson Development of the Global Positioning System (GPS)

Cultural Award
Dov Moran Invention of a standardized portable data memory stick, today known as USB-Stick



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Ching W. Tang Invention of highly efficient organic semiconductor devices

Cultural Award
Jugend forscht The Jugend forscht Contest is a Unique Way of Assisting Talented People



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ir. Kees A. Schouhamer Immink Invention of highly efficient organic semiconductor devices

Cultural Award
Dr. h.c.mult. Dava Sobel Merging facts and fiction in order to give the history of science a human face



Technology Award
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Karlheinz Brandenburg
Dr. Bernhard Grill
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Herre
Development of the mp3 audio coding technique