The Eduard Rhein Ring of Honor

The Foundation awards the Eduard Rhein Ring of Honor for Outstanding work which has been accomplished over a long period of years in an area related to the promotion of scientific research and of learning, the arts, and culture at home and abroad. The number of living bearers of these rings is limited to ten.

The Eduard Rhein Ring of Honor Recipients:

1980 Dr. Vladimir Zworykin ✝ USA
1981 Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h.Walter Bruch✝ Germany
1982 Max Grundig ✝ Germany
1983 Prof. Dr. h.c. Karl Holzamer ✝ Germany
1984 Herbert von Karajan ✝ Austria
1985 Sir Hugh Greene ✝ Great Britain
1986 Masaru Ibuka ✝ Japan
1987 Werner Höfer ✝ Germany
1988 Ray Dolby ✝ Germany
1992 Dr.-Ing., Ing. E.h. Rudolf Hell ✝ Germany
1994 Prof. Ernst von Khuon-Wildegg ✝ Germany
1996 Prof. Dr.h.c. mult. Lennart Graf Bernadotte af Wisborg ✝ Sweden
1998 Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. mult. Heinz Zemanek ✝ Österreich
2000 Dr. Dr.E.h. Dr.h.c. Heinrich von Pierer Germany
2001 Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker Germany
2002 Prof. mult. Dr.-Ing. Dr. E.h. Dr.h.c.mult. Hans-Jürgen Warnecke Germany
2004 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr.h.c.mult. Hubert S. Markl ✝ Germany
2007 Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Valentina V. Tereschkova Russia
2008 Prof. Dr. Dr. Herbert F. Mataré ✝ Germany
2012 Michael Sohlman Sweden
2015 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heckl Germany